Welcome to Roof Repair Windermere FL a family owned and run Florida roofing company. We focus on residential roofing and commercial roofing and service all your roof repair, re-roofing, new installation needs. At Roof Repair Windermere FL, we have been professionally installing and repairing roofs in Windermere FL for more than 20 years. All jobs are guaranteed and we are licensed and insured for your protection.

Roof Repair Windermere FL handles all kinds of roofing complications, from minor roof leaks to complete roof replacement. We provide roof inspections to figure out the reason for the issue along with the best solution and will give you a no obligation quote.

Our roof repair is Windermere FL’s finest and most affordable roof repair service. Quite a few roofing repair companies just specialize in roofing replacements don’t have the knowledge to find the reasons for roof leakages.

Professional Roof Repairs Done with Efficiency

Roof Repair Windermere FL has a specific crew focused on repairing roofs. They are experts in searching for and correcting roofing issues. Comprehending where roof leaks begin along with setting up a successful roof repair actually requires more expertise than installing a new roof. We are usually called to clean up the roof repair work of other companies, and it’s really unfortunate that the customers didn’t call us the first time.

Why Chose Roof Repair Windermere FL?

Over 20 years experience
Fully insured and bonded
References in your neighborhood

We Help you save money

A roof leak or different kind of roof damage, doesn’t always mean you have to replace the entire roof. Many roofing firms may advise a full re-roofing job even if the roof damage is fixable. You owe to yourself to get a second opinion! We may save you thousands of dollars. To learn more about roofing damage and repair costs click here.

We Guarantee Our Work

We recognize the discomfort of spending your hard earned cash on house maintenance, thus we guarantee your roof problems will be over, whether or not you’ll need repairs or a complete roof replacement. You can depend on us to guide you discover the most suited roofing materials for the weather conditions where you live as well as the cosmetic appeal of your house. We provide a 100% money back refund if you’re not satisfied. Our purpose is to lengthen the life span of your existing roof or provide you with a brand new roofing which can last for 15 years or even more.

Free Estimate

Our knowledgeable Roof Repair Windermere FL will give you fast and pleasant service. Our no-obligation quote includes a comprehensive report of the necessary roof repairs, a schedule to finish and a price quote. We accept all major charge cards and will make the process as easy and hassle-free as it can be. Call today for a free estimate.

By Angie