In the early 70s the common usage of “video” was mostly about the audio-video guys (usually wearing black pants and shoes with white socks) who set up the projectors to run the movies in school classrooms.

It was the combining of “video” with “graphy” that sparked the imagination of a large group of video makers and photographers around the world.

After initial publication of the videography article, Logan Walker formed “Logan Walker Films” and began producing TV commercials, TV specials and documentaries as a boutique production company in Orlando, FL / Central Florida area.

Logan Walker Films began with productions and speaking engagements at UCF and Valencia film schools, Brooks Institute of Photography and SONY Institute of Technology. Logan Walker Films and associates also taught Hollywood trade unions “tricks of the art”. The company attracted a varietal succession of new production challenges.

The greatest challenge came, not from a wild special effect or even a competitive production company. It came in 1975 when “Industrial Photography” magazine published a column entitled “videography”. Thus began:

The courtship of Logan Walker Films & United Business Publications

Years would pass before Logan Walker began to understand the classic meaning of “video” which led him to rethink the philosophical and practical implications of videography. This epiphany came to him as he was bicycling down Church St in Downtown Orlando, FL!

In 1996 Miller Freeman (publishers of Videography Magazine at the time) released a book entitled: “THE AGE OF VIDEOGRAPHY” and yet today, 35 years after it’s inception the word, “videography” still lacks definition. Try it sometime on your spellcheck 🙂 Videography is contained on nearly 8,000,000 websites, and yet the world’s major dictionaries have not given it proper lexicographical scrutiny.

Countless international companies use videography to sell endless amounts of gear. By the early 21st Century countless “videographers” around the globe from Al-Quaeda to ZZ-Top began to see the importance of being proficient in this art/science.

Today, Logan Walker researches and develops professional videos and photography at Logan Walker Films in Orlando, FL and is in full time pursuit of VID > VIDEO > VIDEOGRAPHY

The mission of Logan Walker Films is to clearly show that:

VIDEOGRAPHY is an interdisciplinary art/science that applies the theories and methods of writing to questions of knowing … providing a technological interface between perception and communication.

By Angie