Please bring a valid Florida State photo ID or two proofs of Florida State residency at the time of your visit. Two proofs of Florida State residency can be town identification cards, residential tax bills, oil bill etc. Additionally, please bring any relevant medical information to your appointment that would allow the doctor to make an informed decision regarding your diagnosis. Medical records can include prescriptions, medication bottles, X-rays, MRI scans, disability paperwork and any other type of medical records made available to you


Florida Marijuana Doctors are a medical organization that specializes in the recommendation of cannabis medicine in the state of Florida. Our promise is to bring you the highest possible level of medical experience and professionalism in the industry. We understand healing and we make it our priority to get you on the road to recovery. Medical Marijuana patients in Florida will be treated with the utmost respect and care at the time of their visit by a staff of professional and compassionate physicians. We aim to provide excellence through quality care, service and support.


A typical visit for any patient at our Florida marijuana clinic will usually exhibit:

  1. You will be greeted by a caring staff that will assist you in filling out any information on our health questionnaire for you.
  2. Our Florida State Approved Marijuana physicians will review your questionnaire along with any medical records you provided to our professional staff.
  3. Then, you will visit with our Florida State Approved Marijuana Doctors who will perform a routine physical exam and a check on your medical history.
  4. The medical expert will then decide if he/she thinks you qualify for medical cannabis and that the risks out weigh the benefit.
  5. Next, our physician will then outline a medical marijuana treatment plan and explain all the benefits and any potential side effects of using medicinal marijuana.
  6. Finally, you and the physician will establish the length of your medical marijuana recommendation in Florida. Most Florida marijuana patients are approved for 12 months; however, a short-term recommendation may be given if the physician would like to follow-up on your condition.

After the physician has determined if your eligible for medical marijuana, you will receive a letter of recommendation, a Florida State Marijuana card(Not always applicable), and an outline of your treatment plan that was discussed with you and the doctor. The Physicians letter of recommendation allows you to legally obtain your medical marijuana in Florida  In addition, your recommendation will also allow you to legally possess, transport, and cultivate medical marijuana while in the state of Florida. Our Florida Marijuana Clinic provides 24 hour patient verification so Florida State law enforcement and Florida medical marijuana dispensaries can confirm your validity of being a legal medical marijuana patient in Florida.

Once you are approved by the physician you will pay the fee for services rendered which was quoted when booking your medical marijuana appointment. If you feel that you personally can benefit from the use of medical marijuana to treat a specific condition or disease, please fill out our form and a licensed representative will contact you shortly!

By Angie