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“I am running for the Senate to restore accountability when it comes to our tax dollars and to ensure the residents of Island, Skagit and Snohomish Counties get their fair share in services from our State Government,” said Homola who served as a county commissioner from 2009 through 2012. “Bailey has been in Olympia for 14-years yet we continue to hear excuses on why we can’t better fund our schools, or guarantee reliable ferry service, or adequately invest in services for seniors, veterans, or the mentally ill – 10th LD residents deserve better.”

During her first two years as a Commissioner, working with colleagues from both parties, Homola cut General Fund expenses by 20%, thereby preventing a financial collapse of Island County Government. She downsized departments, reined in energy and medical costs, and froze elected official salaries.  In spite of these cuts, she greatly improved services to veterans while protecting seniors and the most vulnerable. Homola established long-term water protections for island residents.

To stimulate the local economy, Homola helped secure funding for property owners to maintain forestry and agricultural practices, promoted tourism revenue by enhancing public beach access, and park and trail improvements, and she helped craft visionary land use ordinances to promote local business opportunities while safeguarding natural resources. She brought commissioner meetings to the public via video recordings and made committee assignments an open process.

“As a Commissioner I helped refocus our County government and increased transparency for local taxpayers – we need more of the same at the state level,” said Homola.  “Barbara has been in Olympia for 14 years and though I thank her for her service it is time for new blood that will work harder for our interests instead of playing politics with the Olympia establishment.” 

Homola points to Bailey’s failure to provide more transparency and accountability toward the more than $2 billion in special interest tax breaks the state gives away to large corporations and other lobbyists.  While Bailey recently supported Washington’s 12-cent per gallon gas tax increase, making it the highest in the nation, less then one half of one percent of the $16 billion package went toward the 10th District’s road, ferry, and transit projects.

Homola also cited Bailey’s repeated failure to reach a bipartisan compromise to fully fund education, despite the Supreme Court ruling that the Legislature must reduce school districts reliance on local levies to pay for teacher salaries and operating costs. Meanwhile, Bailey has become increasingly close to Olympia lobbyists and special interest PAC’s that have directly contributed over $730,000 to her campaigns since she was elected in 2004 and spent an additional $285,000 independently in support of her campaigns – a total of over $1 million.

“Bailey has represented us for a long time but has lost touch with the people in our district,” said Homola. “It’s time for new leadership so we can better meet the needs of our kids, help students have a job when they graduate, provide better mental health and veteran services for those in need, and bring our tax dollars home to Island, Skagit and Snohomish Counties.”

Homola recently earned a Masters in Environmental Law and Policy, and has a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from Washington State University. She understands the need to balance the natural and built environments for today and tomorrow’s generations.

The 10th Legislative District spans portions of Island, Skagit and Snohomish Counties and includes the communities of Coupeville, La Conner, Langley, Mount Vernon, Oak Harbor, Stanwood and surrounding areas.