Cumberland is a family owned business that has supplied the Northeast with the finest architectural restoration since 1938. As a family operated establishment, customer expectations and satisfaction are our prime concerns. The needs of each customer are met individually with professionalism, determination, and expertise.

We provide innovative solutions to even the most challenging jobs. As a customer of Cumberland, you are guaranteed competent, company-trained craftsmen, courteous on-site conduct, the best materials for your needs, timely performance, and a commitment to the highest-quality work.

Our experienced team takes pride in their work and will settle for nothing less than a job well done. Our reputation proceeds us as evidenced by our growing list of satisfied customers. In addition to traditional roofing applications, Cumberland is adept in a broad range of materials and is known for its historic restoration and installation of specialty materials such as slate, tile, copper, and other sheet metals.

Carpentry, masonry, ornamental steel, painting, siding and cornice restoration are additional areas of our expertise. Having such specialized in-house capabilities, as well as an engineer on staff, helps us serve our customers’ various needs with simplicity and proficiency. Cumberland is a specialty roofing company capable of installing virtually every type of roofing system.

Our experienced staff will provide the know-how to do the job right, on time, and within budget. Whether it is the exquisite design and durability of tile, the handsome, natural protection of slate, the low-maintenance beauty and longevity of copper and metal roofing, or the cost efficiency of flat and shingle roofing, Cumberland has got it covered.

Roof selection and knowledgeable application will result in a roof that will last. It pays to choose your roof and installers wisely and roof by roof, we’ve built an admirable reputation for quality and excellence.

By Angie